Numerous excellent hunting destinations which were unaccessible since not long time ago are now open to hunting world. Hunt in Siberian taiga, African savana, Australian swamps, mountains of Asia or elsewhere in Europe is just a question of personal decision.  Information about any hunts are available today in different media.
Sometimes  you might be confused by too many data. Mayn times it is not easy to bring the right decision. As in many other fields in hunting world you may meet  crooks too.

We are in outfitting business since 1982 and in hunting since 1986.  During that period we were carefully choosing partners. With most of them we have long time relationship.  On that base a wide selection of hunting programs are built up.  Every year we add two or three programs more. Which of course we tested by ourselves before. Such policy assure our guests are in the hands of trustfull outfitters. In additions we are able to inform you about last details of any hunts we have in program as well.

Life is short. Let’s go hunting.
dr. Jozef Ocvirk