Alpine Chamois hunt Slovenia

Alpine Chamois is an extremely important game animal in Slovenian hunting. The populations are well managed and even hunters in moderate shape can expect to get their trophy at the lower areas of the mountains. Several heavy trophies were taken at the foot of the mountains as well.

Hunters who are fit enough to follow the Chamois high on to the slopes and peaks of the Karawanken or Julian Alps can expect to be equally as rewarded. Hunt is fair chase, conducted by spot and stalk mainly. On certain vantage points even the high seats are built. From there hunter may rest while waiting his quarry and admire the breathtaking Nature. 


Alpine Chamois hunt in Slovenia


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Balcan Chamois hunt Croatia

Under the mild Mediterranean climate Balcan Chamois on Biokovo mountain has optimal living condition. Good management with long term low annual harvest resulted estate produce much higher number of trophy heads in medal range than any other area. Balcan Chamois hunt in Croatia The 36 km long Biokovo mountain is raising right from the Adriatic sea along tourist Makarska riviera. Comparing to other estates hunt is much easier. Even the peak at 1.764 meters  altitude is accessible by regular vehicles on good road. Stalking is the main way of hunting. Within only one hour easy walk you are in the heart of the Chamois area. The best and the easiest time for the hunt is during  the rut in November.


Balkan Chamois Croatia 2021


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Wild boar driven hunt Croatia

Wild boar population in Croatia is in very good shape. Probably the best ever. Along with plenty of pigs trophy tuskers are harvested quite often during driven hunt. Many of them even in medal range.
From October to end of January we organize driven hunts for free roaming Wild Boars in State Forestry Service estates as well as in private ones about one to two hours drive by car from Zagreb International airport. Some hunts take place in hilly areas, others in lowland along Kupa, Sava or Drava rivers.


Wild boar flat rate driven hunt in Croatia 2021-22


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Red stag hunt in Hungary

Hungary is classic hunting country welknown for exceptional stag trophy size. Red deer population is widespread all over the country, is healthy and abundant.  Hunting in Hungary will satisfy hunter looking for heavy trophies as well as those which budget allows representative speciman only.

Red deer hunt season is September 1 which is the start of the rut also. Peak of the rut is by middle of the month. Hunter do not need to be fit well because the hunting take place on flat or lovely hilly countryside. Experienced local stalker will guide you close enough for a clean shot at the stag of the trophy size you are looking for.


Muflon hunt Croatia

On Dalmatian coast of Croatia you may enjoy pristine hunt of trophy Muflon ram while your whole family has summer holiday on beach just a few minutes away.
Muflon found excellent conditions on the Dalmatian coast of Adriatic sea and some islands. Karst covered by evergreen Mediteranian vegetation gives shelter and food year round. Mild snowless winters allow Muflon  population grow large and produce strong trophy rams.
Breathtaking nature, blue sea surface melting the sky at horizon you will never forget. Several rams over 220 CIC points are harvested every season in those estates. Hunt is fair chase, conducted by spot and stalk mainly.

Affordable Brown bear hunt Slovenia

Slovenia represents the most western European border of the natural population of this mighty animal. Population is stable from long time ago. Even more, in last decade Brown Bear population is in significant increase. On base of a good long-term collaboration with State Forestry Commission which manage majority of the bear population we are able to offer hunting society several Brown bears hunts every year. We hunt them in their original environment – Provincial park Kočevje and Provincial park Snežnik.

Muflon hunt Slovenia

Muflon  herds are scattered all around country. Good trophy rams can be harvested on the slopes of Julian, Karawanken and Savinjske Alps as well as in lowland.

We hunt that attractive game mainly in  State Forestry Service estates. Several times as side game by Alpine Chamois hunt. The best time is when snow fall push them down in the valleys.


Red stag rut hunt Croatia


Red stag is highly sought game for every hunter. Stalking an old stag during rut is one of the most exciting hunts. Most of the hunters can not  afford themselves such a pleasure because of the high price of such event. No longer! With us in Croatia you will hunt stag right in the middle of the rut in the top estate for the costs which are cut nearly to half of the common price.


Wild boar driven hunt in fenced area in Croatia

Lowlands along Sava River in the central part of Croatia offers Wild Boar population the best possible living conditions. Due to extensive damage in local agriculture the estates had to built fences at the edge of the forests for protection of agriculture fields against game. By that several large closed areas were established with high Wild Boars concentration inside creating excellent opportunities for hunting this attractive game.