Patagonia – catching the world biggest trout on fly

Doubtless you have heard of Patagonia and its legendary wild brown trout – fish of 8kg, 10kg or even more, regularly taken on the fly!! Patagonia offers without any doubt the biggest, strongest brown trout in the world!!

Have you ever day dreamed that you might be one of those lucky guys bending your rod into a giant trophy Rio Grande brown??

Have you ever imagined the thrill of hooking into and landing a new WORLD RECORD brown?

Slovenia Flyfishing

Fly fishing in Slovenia
  • Country size: 20.273 km². 58% of the county is covered by forest.
  • Population: 2,1 mio inhabitants
  • Rivers and lake belong to Danube river (87 %) and Adriatic sea (13 %) river system. Total water surface 12.000 ha. 45 rivers are longer than 25 km.Fish population: 93 species of freshwater fish of which 33 protected ones. 23 species are of main sportfishing interest. 8 species of salmonid family- all fishable.
  • Principal rivers: Sava river in Danube (Black sea) and Soča river (Adria sea) drainage.

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