Fishing Slovenia and Worldwide

It is true Slovenia is a small middle Europe country by the size. But is big regarding fish species. Exactly 93 freshwater fish species live in crystal clear rivers and lakes on the sunny side of the Alps. Between them are 8 members of Salmonide family with the national pride – Marble trout (Salmo marmoratus) in emerald Soča river. Flyfishing only is allowed for trout and grayling in country blessed by water resources. Slovenia is fly fishing destination which by luck is not known to world fly fishing jet society yet. So hurry up as long as fishing is affordable.

In addition to Slovenia we are able to give you a chance for joining us fishing on several attractive sport fishing destinations all around the globe. While not fishing Slovenia we are on travel to the best fishing spots elsewhere. Selection of the finest ones are included in our program.

Tight lines where ever you go!

Dr. Jožef Ocvirk