Muflon hunt Croatia

On Dalmatian coast of Croatia you may enjoy pristine hunt of trophy Muflon ram while your whole family has summer holiday on beach just a few minutes away.
Muflon found excellent conditions on the Dalmatian coast of Adriatic sea and some islands. Karst covered by evergreen Mediteranian vegetation gives shelter and food year round. Mild snowless winters allow Muflon  population grow large and produce strong trophy rams.
Breathtaking nature, blue sea surface melting the sky at horizon you will never forget. Several rams over 220 CIC points are harvested every season in those estates. Hunt is fair chase, conducted by spot and stalk mainly.

Affordable Brown bear hunt Slovenia

Slovenia represents the most western European border of the natural population of this mighty animal. Population is stable from long time ago. Even more, in last decade Brown Bear population is in significant increase. On base of a good long-term collaboration with State Forestry Commission which manage majority of the bear population we are able to offer hunting society several Brown bears hunts every year. We hunt them in their original environment – Provincial park Kočevje and Provincial park Snežnik.

Muflon hunt Slovenia

Muflon  herds are scattered all around country. Good trophy rams can be harvested on the slopes of Julian, Karawanken and Savinjske Alps as well as in lowland.

We hunt that attractive game mainly in  State Forestry Service estates. Several times as side game by Alpine Chamois hunt. The best time is when snow fall push them down in the valleys.


Red stag rut hunt Croatia


Red stag is highly sought game for every hunter. Stalking an old stag during rut is one of the most exciting hunts. Most of the hunters can not  afford themselves such a pleasure because of the high price of such event. No longer! With us in Croatia you will hunt stag right in the middle of the rut in the top estate for the costs which are cut nearly to half of the common price.


Wild boar driven hunt in fenced area in Croatia

Lowlands along Sava River in the central part of Croatia offers Wild Boar population the best possible living conditions. Due to extensive damage in local agriculture the estates had to built fences at the edge of the forests for protection of agriculture fields against game. By that several large closed areas were established with high Wild Boars concentration inside creating excellent opportunities for hunting this attractive game.

Roebuck flat rate hunt Slovenia and Croatia

Roebuck hunt in Slovenia & Croatia can fulfill experienced hunter as well as those one looking just for an affordable hunt. Start of the season early in May and rut time by end of July till middle of August are the best time for hunt. This is the prime time when hunter may outwit an old, smart and experienced buck.


European Grand Slam hunt Croatia-Slovenia

Slovenia and Croatia are middle European countries. All main European game species roam freely here. Region is well known for abundance of game and good quality trophies. Big game hunter may choose the full scale hunt from majestic European Brown bear, Red stag, Chamois, Wild boar, Muflon, Fallow deer, Roedeer…


Canada Black Bear Spring hunt in Newfoundland

Spring Black Bear hunt in Canadian province of Newfoundland is hunt where success is not in question. In one or two days of your hunt you will have chance  to kill your first Black Bear. Next days you will check bruins from your tree stand or blind and pull the trigger on the second one which should be real good trophy.


Moose hunt Canada – Newfoundland

Moose in Canada is for European hunters one of the most attractive game species.  British Columbia as the main destination of  Moose hunters in past has lost good reputation. Too many hunters were coming back home disappointed every season. In contrary majority of hunters hunting with us in  Newfoundland are traveling back home happy after harvesting trophy of their lifetime.